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Full Complete Carp Fishing Set Up


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Seller: sjcsteven

Location: Leeds

Contact member directly on 07804 131299 or 07804131299



all carp

all carp


NOW REDUCED FROM £2750 to £2400!
Morning all
Well, it is with a very heavy heart that unfortunately I have to concede that due to advancing years and declining health I have accepted the fact I can no longer pursue my passion for carp fishing so I am offering up for sale my complete top end carp fishing set up :( .

Some items are well used and some are brand new and never used!.

There is far too much to list individually, however I have listed all the main items but please study the photos as everything you see is included.

This is a top end set up as you can see in the photos and I would imagine the cost to replace it would be near on £6000, there is everything you will ever need and more!.

I am offering everything up at what I believe to be a very fair £2750 NOW REDUCED TO £2400 Cash sale only please.


Many thanks

I have listed as many photos as allowed but I have perhaps 90-100 photos altogether and am happy to forward these if you are GENUINELY interested

This is obviously for collection only from Leeds in West Yorkshire and you will need either a large estate car or a van.

If anyone has any questions or would like more detailed photos of any particular items then please ask :thumb: .

Below is the complete list, however I shall add more items as and when I find them :) .

4 x Maver Inspiration 12’ 3LB test curve carp rods. (One has never been used and was bought as a spare).
3 x Original Shimano BTR Big Baitrunner Carp reels loaded with 12 lb BS line. (I have attached a pic showing where the handles were chewed by rodents, however you will also see a photo of another handle which I have ordered three new ones to replace them).
3 x Original Shimano BTR Big Baitrunner Spare Spools loaded with 25 lb BS braid.
1 x Greys Plus 12’ marker rod.
1 x Greys Plus 12’ spod rod.
2 x Mitchell Avospod reels ( for spod and marker rod) loaded with 30lb braid.
3 x Delkim TXI Plus Bite Alarms ( Red, Yellow, Blue) including hard cases, these are currently at Delkim having a full service for which I will post a photo of the receipt once I receive them back.
1 x Delkim Plus Pro Receiver including hard case.
3 x Delkim Nitelite Pro illuminated hangers (Red, Yellow, Blue).
3 x Delkim Duocarb Pivoting Hanger Support.
3 x Delkim Carbon Snag Ears.
3 x Delkim D Lock Quick Release System.
3 x Solar. Stainless Adjustable Line Clips.
3 x Solar Tackle Kit Off Hockey Sticks.
3 x Bobbins +Line Clips Red, Yellow, Blue + Matching Isotopes.
3 x Solar 9” S/S Chains.
3 x Solar 3” S/S Chains.
3 x Solar S/S Butt Banger Swinger Arms.
3 x Solar Adjustable Hockey Stick .
1 x Solar Globetrotter S/S Rod Pod With Two Extra Legs + Extra Tripod.
2 x Solar Adjustable Extending Buzz Bars.
4 x Solar S/S Goal Post Adapters.
2 x RidgeMonkey Duo Remote Control Bivvy Lights.
2 x Head Torches.
1 x Coleman Dual Fuel Double Burner Stove.
1 x Coleman Sportster Dual Fuel Single Burner Stove + Case.
1 x Coleman Twin Mantle Dual Fuel Lantern + Case.
2 x Coleman Filter Funnels.
1 x Pro. Logic 1 Man Bivvy + Winter Skin ( Brand New, Never Used).
1 x ProLogic Commander Detachable Carp Cradle With Kneeling Mat.
1 x Kevin Nash Metro Carp Barrow + Extra Large Square Storage Bag + Unused Saddle Bags.
1 x Trakker Floating Retainer + Storage Bag.
1 x Colnemere Developments 12 Metre Baiting pole With Float and Spoon.
3 x Colnemere Developments 1.7 Metre Extension Poles.
1 x Nash Apache 5 Speed Rod Hold-all ( takes five rods made up and three rods down).
1 x Reuben Heaton Millennia 60 LB x 1 Ounce divisions Illuminated Dial Scales + Weigh Bar.
1 x Daiwa Folding Weigh Station. + Case.
1 x Avid Restbite Memory Foam Six Leg Bed Chair.
1 x Fox Ventec Evo All Season Triple Layer Sleeeping Bag.
1 x Fox Ventec Evo Sleeping Bag Cover.
1 x. Trakker Lite Sleeping Bag.
1 x Pair Size 9 Chest Waders.
1 x Tails Up Winter Padded Suit (bib and brace bottoms + jacket).
1 x 42” Landing Net + Handle + Stink Bag.
2 x Pro Logic Extending Storm Poles.
1 x Lead Bag with Approximately 90-100 Assorted Leads.
1 x Daiwa Rig Station.
1 x Pro Logic Rig Station.
1 x Korda Rig station.
2 X Extending Bivvy Tables ( 1 x Fox, 1 x Stainless Steel).
1 x Large Carryall.
1 x Fox Double Sided Box.
2 x pair good quality polarised sun glasses.
2 x Pairs Tasco Binoculars.
1 x Pair of Taska Distance Sticks.
1 x RidgeMonkey Large Toastie Maker with cover.

There is also carp sacks, 60metres of pva mesh, around 100 pva bags, pva tape and string, air dry bags, Gardner bait roller, pop ups ,all end tackle, catapults, spombs, spods, controller floats, Korda krusher, pop ups , hook link materials, baiting needles , the list goes on.

Whatever else I find will also be included

Status Live

Price £2,400.00 (ONO)

Condition Slightly Used

Shipping Pickup Only

Type Sale

Published 07 Aug 2021

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