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Carp Classified

Full high end setup


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Seller: crazyfool79

Location: Lancashire

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Full carp setup *high end brand new and unused* Setup consists of the following....... Fox voyager ruckall Fox voyager low level cooler Fox voyager low level carryall Fox voyager gadget safe Aqua stove cover Trakker nxg compact tackle bag Fox voyager accessory bag medium Fox explorer barrow deluxe Daiwa emblem spod with banana braid 3 shimano ultegra ci4+ 14000 xtc Aqua products combi mat Ridgemonkey vault c power pack Ridgemonkey elite bivvy lite IR Ridgemonkey rechargeable headtorch Fox cookware xl wind shield Trakker armo life cookware set Trakker armo cutlery set Trakker armolife cg3 stove 3 avid carp bobbins in blue Aqua products floating weight sling Trakker nxg collapsible water bowl Reuben heatons 9” weigh bar 3 free spirit E class gold 12ft 3.25tc with 50mm butt rings Free spirit ctx spomb rod Aqua 48” quick stick Jag 316 adjustable super compact pod 3 jag lockdown butt rests in blue Nash indulgence ss5 with pillow 3 fox Rx+ presentation set alarms with receiver Vass tex size 7 chest waders 4 fox voyager 12ft rod sleeves Reuben Heaton 60lb scales Trakker tempest v2 air Trakker tempest v2 air wrap Aqua products stink sleeve Trakker eq 2 piece landing net Fox camolite buzz bar bag Cygnet distance sticks Fox camo bivvy mat Ridgemonkey connect compact toaster Prestige carp porter bivvy table Nash Eva bivvy tray Avid carp Polaroid glasses Harrison carbon throwing stick Korda rig safe Nash water container Nash bullet mono on reels Ridgemonkey braided shock leader Nash indulgence sub lo chair Trakker nxg lead pouch Fox voyager accessory bag large X 2 Fox dart marker float kit Fox voyager storage bag X 2 Navitas winter jacket size small Navitas bib and brace size small Navitas fleece size small Fox aquos rain suit size small Fox thermal bobble hat Korda towel 2 X Nash dot spods Fox camolite snood Bivvy mallet Ridgemonkey baiting spoon Fox catapult Full jag hook sharpening kit Korda krusher Korda braid scissors Fox gripper leads Korda chod it tool Fox finger stall Ridgemonkey thermal mug Korda kutter Korda marker float kit 7 X tubs mainline pop ups and wafters Chub case with 45 Korda leads various styles and sizes Huge collection of fox brand new and unused terminal tackle including 16 packs of various hooks, 6 hooklinks, various tools, lead clips, tubing, leaders, marker elastic, zigs accessories etc....the list goes on etc Absolute massive bundle to fill a tackle box. Absolutely everything 101% brand new and unused except pop ups and leads. Any inspection more than welcome All sensible offers considered RRP nearly £6500 Cash on collection Grab a bargain Will also chuck in a used Korda hoodie size small A used pair of fox chunk jogging pants size small And a brand new and unused esp hoodie size small Thanks

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Condition Brand New

Shipping Pickup Only

Type Sale

Published 15 Mar 2019

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